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Points To Assess When You Buy A Stainless Steel Keg Rack

Stainless steel keg racks are a fixture in virtually every restaurant that serves beer from kegs. This simple device is designed to hold your supply of kegs, keeping them readily available whenever you need to replace an empty one. A lot of restaurant kitchens have a keg rack against one wall, while larger establishments keep this storage rack in a storage room near the kitchen. Restaurant equipment suppliers carry all sorts of different keg racks, so you can check out the selection and choose the right one for your establishment. Here are some specific points to assess when you're looking at keg racks.


The first thing to think about when you shop for a stainless steel keg rack is what capacity you want it to have. While you might immediately gravitate toward a keg rack that can hold as many kegs as possible, you need to think about your available space. The larger the keg rack, the more space it will take up. You should also think about how much beer you sell and how quickly you go through kegs. A large keg rack may be required if you sell a large quantity of beer each week, but a smaller rack may be perfectly sufficient if you aren't replacing your kegs very frequently.


Regardless of how many kegs your keg rack can hold, you should also consider the depth of this device. Some keg racks are only as deep as a keg, which ensures that the rack doesn't jut out into the room too much. This design can be desirable if you plan to keep the keg rack in your kitchen, as you don't want to add more clutter to this space. If you have a larger area for your keg rack, you might favor deeper shelves so that the kegs aren't sitting on the very edge of the shelf.


You'll see that the height of keg racks can vary. Many keg racks have two shelves that allow you to hold a lot of kegs. Before you choose what height you want, consider the design of your keg cart. A keg cart is an essential device for loading kegs onto the rack and taking them off it, as the average person cannot lift a full keg. Some keg carts can lift kegs quite high off the ground, while others can lift the keg only moderately high. You want to choose a keg rack with a shelf height that your keg cart can reach. 

For more info about stainless steel restaurant equipment, contact a local seller.