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Why You Should Support Local Restaurants With Their Delivery Service

While there are many apps out there that make food delivery quite easy, a lot of restaurants still offer a delivery service themselves. Not only is this more beneficial for yourself, but it helps them out a fair bit if you utilize it over the alternative option. If you love a good slice of pizza and are looking for a great new place to dine out at but can't be bothered making the trip, then why not search for a local pizza delivery service? Here are a few reasons why you will not be disappointed and why you should feel better about yourself for using it.

More Money In Their Pocket But Not Out Of Your Wallet

A lot of the large delivery apps are okay for the customer to use, although they still have their issues, but are very hard for businesses to operate under. Not only do they charge you to be a part of their service, but they also take a cut out of every meal, and this forces restaurants to up their prices. When you use a local pizza delivery service or any local delivery service, they use their own drivers and know how to incorporate that cost into their bottom line, so it doesn't cost them as much and will have a lower impact on your wallet as well!

Changing Specials

When companies use delivery apps, they are often quite a pain to try and update, so their menu will remain quite the same for many months or even years. Not only is this not reflective of how many specials and interesting offers many local businesses have, but it is very disappointing for the customer as well. Smaller operators who deliver their own food will be far more likely to update what specials and offers they have on, which gives you a whole plethora of new varieties of your favorite dish.


Delivery apps can be a real pain to use for the drivers as well, and so if you live a bit out of the way, or if you are the only person on a certain order, then it is not unusual for most drivers to not want to pick up your order. A pizza delivery service is better because their drivers are always available at the restaurant and, since they are employees of the actual business and not individual contractors, they will come out and deliver your food as soon as it is ready.

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