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Reviewing Restaurants For YOUTUBE Channel

A great way to get lots of views on your YouTube channel is to eat at restaurants in your area and review the food as you eat it. People love to live vicariously through others from the comfort of their homes. By reviewing restaurants, your viewers can get a feel for what it would be like to eat at those establishments themselves. 

Choosing a Restaurant

When choosing a restaurant for a food review video, consider going to places that are popular or unique. You want to spike curiosity in potential viewers so they click on your videos. Many YouTubers have found success reviewing national fast-food chains. When a new item comes out, they rush to review it right away. People who are curious about the new item will search for it online and get to see a video review of the product before trying it for themselves. 

You can also find success reviewing local restaurants rather than national chains. Because these restaurants won't be recognizable for people who live in other places, the video must include some kind of unique angle in order to get people to watch. Many YouTubers will review the worst or best-rated restaurants in their towns because it's a fun idea that gets people to click on their video. You could also review rare or exotic dishes that will capture a potential viewer's attention. For example, a food review of a squid dish from a Chinese restaurant might become popular on YouTube.


Regardless of the restaurant or dish you choose to review, people simply like watching other people eat. The term mukbang refers to the practice of watching others eat on video. There seems to be some built-in instinct in humans that makes it enjoyable for us to watch other people eating, and that will automatically attract interest in your food-review videos. 

Food Critic

A big reason why people watch food reviews on YouTube is to find out which restaurants or dishes are good. Believe it or not, by reviewing food, you will be acting as a food critic. Your recommendations will help some people decide where and what they will eat next.


Your personality will play a big part in whether your food reviews become popular on YouTube. The idea of a food review will bring viewers in, but your personality is what will keep them coming back to watch you review other dishes.