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Offer Pizzas In These Appealing Shapes For Certain Promotions

There are all sorts of promotions that you can launch when you run a pizza restaurant like Tony & Joe's Pizzeria. Don't be afraid to tie the pizzas themselves into some of your promotional ideas. When you're eager to get customers into your establishment at specific times, changing your pizzas on those days can be appealing to people who enjoy your food but are looking for something fun and different. You don't necessarily need to change the toppings — instead, consider changing the shapes of the pizzas. Whether you sell round or square pizzas, here are some appealing shapes that you can sell as promotions at certain times.

Heart Shape

When couples go out for dinner on Valentine's Day, a pizza restaurant might not be their first choice. You can draw more customers to you on this day, however, by selling heart-shaped pizzas. Doing so requires a little more effort on the part of your kitchen staff, but this promotion is something that you can advertise and that will help you fill up your restaurant on Valentine's Day. Heart-shaped pizzas will be appealing for many people to order, and whether they do so with a standard pepperoni and cheese or go for something with more toppings, happy couples will enjoy celebrating their love with your pizza.

Football Shape

When people order food for football-watching parties, pizza is often one of the things on the menu. You might wish to consider selling football-shaped pizzas on Sundays throughout the NFL season. Make sure that customers can still order any combination of toppings when they order a pizza with this shape, as they'll want to get the pie that they usually get for their get-togethers. Lots of football fans who host friends at their homes will be eager to impress their guests with this unique shape of pizza.

Sun Shape

For children celebrating the end of the school year, the sun is a perfect representation — after all, the kids will be enjoying plenty of it at the beach, park, and local sporting fields over the next couple of months. You can consider selling sun-shaped pizzas on the last week of classes for your local school boards. Tackle this shape by making a standard round crust, but then adding cheese or garlic fingers extending out from around the crust's perimeter to mimic the rays of a cartoon-style sun. Diners can break these "rays" off and eat them before digging into a slice.