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Marriage Proposals: Where To Pop The Question

If you're considering asking another person to be your life partner, being nervous is natural. Even if you're secure about your relationship and just need the right moment to ask, wanting to do everything right can make anyone anxious. Luckily, you've got options. Consider any of these picture perfect locations for your proposal.

Waterfront Restaurant

Truly, there is little better than a gorgeous waterfront location for any number of purposes. A south waterfront restaurant can be the most romantic spot to ask for someone's hand in marriage for many reasons. For starters, eating is something that happens every day; if you're looking for the element of surprise, simply heading out for a meal can be a great cover. Sitting near a window can allow beautiful views if you sit indoors, but if the weather is warm many south waterfront restaurants open up outdoor seating.

Whether you pop the question before dessert or while enjoying the main course, being able to do so in such a picturesque location will make it a memorable moment. The other guests might even join in with light applause. The proposal can be just the beginning of a beautiful evening. As the sun sets, you can talk a romantic walk nearby or sit near the water in silence thinking about your new life together. If you're up to it, you can order food ahead, pick it up have a waterfront picnic nearby as well.

Drive-in Movie

There are still a handful of drive-in theaters around the country, and if you and your beloved enjoy movies, a trip to one can be a great excuse to propose. Nestled inside your car, as the credits begin or end, you can quietly ask your partner to marry you. This can be much more private than a restaurant, so if you're with an introvert this can be perfect. Of course, you'll need to provide any snacks or beverages to toast with.


Home can be a beautiful place to do a simple proposal if you do it right. With food from your favorite restaurant, even if you don't cook yourself, a romantic meal can be arranged. Candles and soft music can deliver the right environment to propose.

Your proposal will be remembered forever, so you owe it to your partner and yourself to give it serious preparation and thought. Consider each idea and do what is best for you and your relationship.