Start Your Own Pizzaria

Social Media Strategies That Can Help Your New Pizza Restaurant Slice Through The Competition

It can be a challenge for a new pizza restaurant to make inroads in the community, especially if there are a number of other similar dining options nearby. However, a new family pizza restaurant can make use of social media to create a buzz about its food and atmosphere — and hopefully begin to build a sizable amount of clientele who are eager to buy a slice. If you work in a management role for the new restaurant and are eager to use social media to your advantage, here are some strategies that you can put into place.

Online Coupons

Coupons are an effective way to draw more customers to your new pizza restaurant, as a discount gives people an extra incentive to dine out in an affordable way. Build your social media presence to get as many followers as possible, and then offer online coupons to those who follow you. You can upload a pizza-shaped coupon image that your followers can print out at home and bring to your restaurant to redeem for a discount off their meal. Ask your loyal customers to share your social media account to their friends and family, and you should ideally see your number of followers begin to climb.

Help With Choosing Items

One of the advantages of being a new restaurant is that you're often still fine-tuning the menu. If you have some pizza varieties that you're considering adding, you can post an image and description of each — and have your social media followers vote for which item they wish to be added to the menu. For example, provide a list of suggested toppings and have people vote on which four toppings should make the cut. This will give the people a degree of excitement and ownership over the item, and they might even visit your restaurant with the intention of trying the item that they "helped" get onto the menu.

Invite Followers To Exclusive Events

You can really make a name for your restaurant by building up a following on social media, and a good way to amass followers in this manner is to have social media follower-only events at the restaurant. Whether you're organizing a free tasting of your new menu, pizza cooking classes with your kitchen staff or other similar events, think about only offering them to those who follow you on social media. Or, give those on your social media page 24 hours' advance notice so that they can RSVP or buy tickets ahead of the general public. This can further increase your social media following and help to strengthen your overall brand.