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3 Reasons To Choose A Healthy Restaurant For Your Business Lunches

When inviting your colleagues or potential clients to business lunches, it is common to defer to the preferences of your guest. However, some people will prefer for you to pick the eatery, and when you are the invitee, you are certainly within your privilege to choose the restaurant yourself. When the ball is in your court to choose where you conduct your business lunch, opt for healthy restaurants. When you choose to take a walk on the lean and green side, you and your lunch partner win big! Here's why.

Consider This: Healthy Restaurants Show a Respect for the Well-Being of You and Your Guest

When you bring your guest to a healthy restaurant, you are showing them two things right away. The first is that you respect yourself and want to feed your body foods that will help it thrive. The second is that you respect your guest and want them to be served nurturing, healthy fare. Beyond that, it also shows that you took some time to put thought into the restaurant choice and didn't simply go for the steakhouse that was nearest to the convention center. Putting in the extra effort shows care and concern.

Consider This: Healthy Restaurants Often Make Tastier Fare Than the SAD Diet

Much has been said about the standard American diet. (SAD). This term refers to the mainstream diet in the United States that is full of lots of red meats, dairy products, well-salted meals, and artificially sweetened snacks. It's also typically lacking in healthier fare. Many restaurants cater well to that sort of diet preference, but you will be offering your guest something far better when you take them to a healthy restaurant instead. Not only will it open up the minds (and taste buds) of people who don't typically choose healthy foods, but it will also be especially appreciated by those who enjoy a healthy diet, too. Because healthy foods are often tastier than SAD ones, you may convert your guest and inspire them to make healthier choices in the future.

Consider This: Healthy Restaurants Will Leave Your Guest Feeling Good

You want your business lunch to end on a positive note. If you take your guest to a crowded, greasy diner or a popular tourist restaurant, they are likely to leave the meeting feeling less than good because the unhealthy foods can quickly take their toll on a stomach. Instead, if you take them to a healthy restaurant, they are sure to leave the meeting feeling satisfied and nurtured, yet not overly full or miserable from having too much fat with their meal.

Finally, keep in mind that how your guest responds to your restaurant choice is largely up to you. Make sure that you present your suggestion for where to eat in a positive way. You may even stretch the truth a bit to say that you heard a great review of a healthy restaurant and want to try it out. Whatever you do, stay positive when speaking about your decision to go to a healthy restaurant. When you are excited about it, your guests are likely to be more excited about it, too.