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Desserts To Order At A Traditional Greek Restaurant

Traditional Greek restaurants are usually known for serving delicious, traditional dishes like souvlaki and spanakopita. Indeed, these dishes make for great meals and are well worth trying. But if you have a little room left after enjoying your entree, you may want to order dessert. Greek cuisine is known for including lots of tasty desserts; here are some top ones to try.


Baklava is perhaps the best-known of all Greek desserts. Most Greek restaurants serve it. Either they make it in-house, or they purchase it from a nearby Greek bakery. Baklava consists of layers of filo dough, walnuts or pistachios, honey, and cinnamon. It's tender, flaky, and lightly sweet. When you order it in a restaurant, you usually get a big triangle of baklava. Enjoy a few bites, then take the rest home as a late-night snack! It will stay fresh for a few days.


Milopita is a Greek dessert made with apples. It's sort of like an apple cake. The base of the dessert is a dense, muffin-like cake flavored with cinnamon and sugar. The topping on the cake is a mixture of apples, cinnamon, sugar, and a caramel-like sauce. Traditionally, milopita is made with olive oil rather than butter, which gives it a different flavor and texture than most American cakes. It is usually served in wedges, sometimes with a little whipped cream to the side.


Melopita is a different dessert from Milopita. It's a honey pie served in some Greek restaurants. The filling is a thickened combination of honey, sugar, and eggs. The crust is a light, tender, and flaky pastry, similar to most pie crusts. A slice of this pie is quite rich, so most restaurants serve it in rather small portions. If you are served a larger slice, you may want to enjoy a few bites and then take the rest home for later.


This Greek dessert is a cross between a pastry and a cake. The bottom layer is made with lots of brown sugar and brandy. The top layer is a lemon-flavored cake. Served in squares, kadaifi is filling and satisfying. It is delicious when enjoyed with some berries, such as raspberries or sliced cherries.

The next time you visit a Greek restaurant, save a little room for dessert. You can even order one dessert to share with multiple people. This is a good way to experience more flavors without getting too full.