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Things To Enjoy About Tempura Dishes At A Japanese Restaurant

When you peruse the menu at most Japanese restaurants, you'll often notice a large tempura section. Even if you're visiting the establishment with the goal of eating other fare — some sushi or sashimi, for example — you may wish to try an order of tempura. You can either order something to eat by yourself, or perhaps order a larger serving of tempura to share with those at your table. If you've never experienced this type of Japanese cuisine, there are several things that you'll likely enjoy about it.

Wide Variety Of Options

One of the things that many people find appealing about tempura-based dishes is that there are a wide variety of options. Many Japanese restaurants have extensive selections of tempura, which means that you can easily find something that you enjoy. There are lots of meats that are coated in tempura batter. For example, you'll often find shrimp, scallops, chicken, and more. This isn't merely a preparation that works well with proteins, however. You'll also find many different vegetables that are coated in tempura batter, including mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and many others. For someone who enjoys the taste of many foods, a diverse platter of different tempura dishes can be worth trying.

Light Consistency

Some breaded and fried items tend to be heavy. For example, if you've eaten fish and chips at a local seafood restaurant, you may have found that the batter on the fish had a heavy consistency that quickly filled you up. One thing that many people like about tempura dishes is that they're light. This means that you can eat a large selection of tempura items at your local Japanese eatery without feeling too full. For many people, this is especially ideal during a workplace lunch, as they want a satisfying meal but not one that leaves them feeling heavy and lethargic during the afternoon.

Hot Temperature

You may also appreciate the hot consistency of Japanese tempura dishes, especially if you're ordering a number of items that are served cold. For example, if you plan to eat some sushi rolls or hand rolls, these are cold dishes. While a number of cold dishes are certainly appealing, the variety that you get from biting into something hot on occasion may be something that you favor. Because they're fried and brought directly to your table, tempura dishes are extremely hot and will add variety to your meal. Visit a local Japanese restaurant to peruse the tempura options.