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Dos And Don'ts For Having Your Party Catered By A BBQ Restaurant

Barbecue is a classic American cuisine and one that most people enjoy. As such, having your party catered by a barbecue restaurant is a smart choice. However, you will want to follow these dos and don'ts as you go about ordering and enjoying your barbecue.

Do: Order more than one meat.

Some barbecue catering companies will offer pre-arranged packages with one meat and other pre-arranged packages with two or three meats. Even though you may have to pay more, it's worth getting two or three meats. This increases the chances that everyone at the party will get to eat something they enjoy. You don't want to order just pulled pork only to find that some of your party guests don't like pork.

Don't: Over-order.

When people order barbecue for a party, they tend to get scared of under-ordering, and they over-order instead. If you'll have 50 people, just order food for 50 people. There's no need to order for 55. Barbecue portions are incredibly generous, and the sides that go along with catered barbecue good are typically very filling, so some guests won't eat their entire portion. Trust the restaurant when they tell you how much food you'll need for the number of guests you're having.

Do: Order at least one healthier side.

Barbecue sides, like macaroni and cheese, and potato salad, are not traditionally that healthy. You want to order at least one side dish that could be considered healthier in case some of your guests are wary of fatty, carb-laden sides. A green salad is a good choice. Some barbecue restaurants also offer roasted or grilled veggies. If you see a seasoned corn dish on the menu, that's another good choice. While corn may not be the healthiest veggie on the planet, it's definitely lighter than macaroni and cheese.

Don't: Forget dessert.

After all of that heavy, salty, smoky barbecue, your guests are going to be full — but they are also going to want something sweet. So make sure you don't forget about dessert. Some barbecue restaurants do offer some classic American desserts like apple crisp and peach cobbler. If the restaurant you order from doesn't cater to dessert, you may want to just order a big sheet cake or a bunch of brownies. Both of these options are easy and they appeal to a crowd.

If you adhere to the tips above, you're going to have an excellent event catering party. Enjoy!