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Beyond Pancakes: Breakfast Options That Are Sure To Make Your Menu A Hit

Designing a breakfast menu is always a bit of a challenge. You want to offer the old standbys like pancakes and eggs for people who come in specifically craving those classics. However, you also want to include some more creative ideas to ensure your menu stands out. But how do you get creative with breakfast? Here are a few ideas. 

1. Fruit salad

You're going to get a number of customers who are looking for healthy options. Fruit salads are really appealing for these customers, and you can really get creative with them. Include seasonal fruits for some variety. Give customers the option of a few different dressings. (Cinnamon and honey is a good one. A mixture of simple syrup and lime juice also works well.) You can offer a smaller side salad and a larger breakfast salad.

2. Eggs three ways

Eggs are as classic as it gets for breakfast, but giving customers eggs prepared in three ways on the same plate? That's unique! You can serve scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and deviled eggs, maybe with sides of toast and sausage. If there's a local farm where you can buy fresh eggs, that will make this menu option even more marketable.

3. Meat lover's platter

Most restaurant breakfasts include a little meat, like some sausage or bacon. What if you had a breakfast that included a lot of meat — like separate slices of ham, bacon, and sausage? There are a lot of customers who would jump on the chance to order something so hardy. You can make it more unique by including some unusual types of bacon, such as peppered or brown sugar-coated bacon. Give customers the option of adding a biscuit or a side of toast if they want a break from all the meat.

4. Breakfast soup

Soup for breakfast may sound completely strange, but that's the point. Customers will order this simply because they've never seen it before and may never see it again. Make a soup with breakfast sausage, chicken stock, potatoes, onions, and mushrooms. These are all classic omelet ingredients, so they're breakfast-like enough. Serve the soup with some breakfast biscuits, and it will surely be a hit.

A breakfast menu should leave customers thinking "wow, that's something different." This is what will set your restaurant apart from all the competitors who offer the same bacon, eggs, and pancakes, again and again, time after time.