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Should You Franchise Your Pizza Restaurant?

You've been running a successful pizza restaurant for years, but you've reached the point where you want to do more. One option is to franchise the restaurant, allowing others to open similar restaurants in their own cities. As with any big business move, however, there are pros and cons to this approach. 

Pros of Franchising Your Pizza Restaurant

Some of the reasons franchising may be a good idea include:

Rapid Growth

Continuing to grow your one restaurant may be a challenge, and your growth will be slow. It takes a lot of capital to expand your customer base when you already have a lot of customers in your area. Opening a franchise, on the other hand, will allow your business to grow faster since you'll be capturing new customers in a new area.

Little Oversight

Another great thing about franchising is that, once the franchise is set up in a business sense, you don't have to do much of the work. The owner of the other franchise will have to run the business. There is a lot less burden on you than if you were to open a second location on your own or try to grow your existing restaurant.

Steady Income

The franchise owner will owe you royalties each month or year, depending on your contract. This is a steady, reliable source of income for you, with less variability than income generated from a restaurant you run on your own.

Cons of Franchising Your Pizza Restaurant

There are also a few downsides to this approach. They may or may not actually apply to you, depending on your own situation.

Owner Flexibility

You will have to decide how much flexibility the franchise owners have when it comes to recipes and how the restaurants are run. If you give them freedom and they change the recipes in ways you do not like, this could ultimately reflect negatively on your whole brand.

High Start-Up Costs

The franchise process can cost a lot up-front. You will need to pay a lawyer to write up your contract, and you will need to work on developing protocols and standards that you want your franchise owners to follow. You'll get a lot of this money back after your franchise is purchased, but this can be a bit of a waiting game.

Many restaurant owners find success in allowing the franchising of their operations. Look into pizza restaurant franchise opportunities if you think it is the right choice for you.