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Three Benefits Of Family Restaurants Near Roadside Motels

Motel is a word created by taking the word "motor" and the word "hotel," and mashing them together. It has become synonymous with cheap, comfortable lodging located along main roadways. While motels do offer affordable housing while you are on the road, motels lack many of the amenities most hotels have. That is why you should look for motels that have family restaurants near them. Here are some benefits of staying in a motel that has a family restaurant nearby.

You Do Not Have to Get Back into Your Car and Go Get Food

When a motel has an attached restaurant or is located next to a restaurant, you do not have to get back into your car to go get a bite to eat. You can simply exit your room and walk across the way to the restaurant. If the restaurant is owned and operated by the motel, you may even get "room service" by ordering something from the restaurant and having the staff run it over.

You May Get a Meal Ticket Discount

Sometimes, restaurants that are on the same property and owned by the motel owner offer "meal tickets." These tickets entitle you to a discount on a single meal if you are a guest of the motel. If money is a little tight while you are traveling, that meal ticket is practically gold when you are hungry and still a little too far from home.

Food from the Restaurant Is Allowed in Your Room

Some motels may request that you not have food in your room. Others may allow you to have food in your room if you have leftovers from eating at the nearby restaurant. Just make sure you are going to eat the food, and not leave it in the trash when you go. (Most motels typically do not have mini-fridges, so the rules are "eat it, or take it with you when you leave.")

Where to Find These Golden Nuggets

Restaurants near motels are almost always located in tiny towns or along long stretches of road where there is nothing else for miles. You may also find these partnerships in remote tourist places, or enroute to campgrounds. If you watch for them, you will find them when you are traveling. If you want more specific help, check with a motorist's club that will have plenty of travel information, road maps, and books that rate motels and restaurants.

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